Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Family,
   Yesterday was the first time I got to go proselyting! Two times here in the MTC we get to go proselyting... once yesterday which was just around the MTC and in MTC boundaries. All we did was try and place copies of the Book of Mormon. And next week we will be bussed into the heart of São Paulo and we will proselyte in the big busy areas, again placing copies of the good Book. But yesterday was so amazing.... we placed all 4 of our books in just 2 hours, and for the next hour since we didn't have any more books we just talked with our teachers. It was amazing because 3 out of the 4 people we talked to really seemed like they would read it, especially this one lady in particular. She said she was Evangelical but we asked her to read it and promised it would bring her peace and happiness in her life. She wanted to know a little more about our church so I gave her an Articles of Faith card I had bought here in Brasil. It was in Portuguese don't worry ;). Yesterday was huge in it being the first time we really placed copies of the Book of Mormon to real people. Some of the people who took them looked so grateful and happy to have them, and started flipping through them even before we left. Hopefully at least one of them will call and want to know more. Also, sometimes when we teach our teachers and members who come in to be taught the Spirit is so strong. One of my teachers, a guy, even started crying because he felt it so strong. It was awesome.  Also, next Monday we will have two general authorities visit the CTM and give us training. This is the day right before I leave for the field so we just barely get to do it! It will be a member of the Area presidency of Brasil and a member of the Presidency of the Quorum of the 70. It's pretty cool because we rarely get authorities of any kind down here.

Mom, that's one thing I think I may miss is your cooking around holiday time. But it's all good I'm sure the members of the wards I will serve in will take care of me.
The language is coming along pretty good. I can talk a lot about the gospel and if I really try pretty much about everything I want to. Understanding is coming. Slowly I can understand them even when they speak super fast. I think once I am in the field I will accelerate though, because it will be 100% portuguese all the time.

Today I had a cookie milkshake from that cookie store I told you about. It was kind of expensive... but it was my last P-Day here so I don't regret it too much. I will try and keep my expenses down though, until I get to the field and will receive money every month for my monthly allowance. My branch president is a really cool guy. He has been the officiator in the Temple because he is here on a mission too. It's been really cool being able to see him twice a week.
Relaxation? haha, we get none. Sometimes we don't study too hard and talk in class... but that's about it. Sleeping at night is really the only relaxation I get. And toilet breaks Lol.

Hey grandma i just wanted to let you know I got your letter and love hearing from you and about grandpa's experiences as a missionary. Please keep writing me and read my blog so you can know what is going on with me! Lots of love!
Well, have a good week everyone! Lots of Love from Brasil! Next time I write you I will be in Rio de Janeiro. Hopefully ;).

        Elder Baldwin

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