Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

  It's weird to think almost three months have passed since I left. A missionary who was coming home in the airport said he saw someone with a "big ipod." We assumed he meant an Ipad cuz he left before they had come out and had never seen them. It was pretty funny. I wonder what will come out while I am gone. 
 On Sundays we work. After church is over we go to our lunch appointment and after that, we proselyte for the rest of the day. I don't remember if I told you in the last letter but on Sundays we make the trip twice to our proselyting area. First to pick up our investigators and take them with us back to the church (because the church is not in our area either it is right next to our house) and again after church to proselyte. It is really taxing on our funds; even with the extra 60 reais they give us a month. It isn't enough to cover the trips we take every day. I haven't needed to delve into personal money yet though, for which I am thankful. 
   So every day we get up at 6:30 and we go to bed at 10:30 like normal. We work out a little, eat breakfast, and get ready. Then we have personal study at 8, companion study at 9, and language study at 10. At 11 we are supposed to go start proselyting, we go to our lunch appointment, and then we prosleyte to the end of the day. We are supposed to get home at 9 or 9:30 plan for the next day, update the area book, and go to bed.
   My trainer is a great missionary and knows how to teach. Also, he is very good at helping me learn different things in Portuguese. He is from Curitiba in Brasil but thankfully knows English pretty good. If nothing else he can help me learn Portuguese. He is also very good about making me teach parts of the lessons and sharing messages with the members. This lets me practice a lot. We also do a lot of practicing teaching the lessons and different situations. All is good we will learn everything together and do the things we have to.
   Well, I would have had an amazing spiritual experience this past week but no luck. We invited and committed one of our investigators to Baptism, an older woman. She was interviewed and we met with her everyday this past week and we were so excited, and she said she was too... but yesterday when we went to pick her up for church she wasn't home. She didn't come home all day. We are not sure what happened, we are going to go talk to her today. Well... I think that's about it for now. I love you all! Pray for me to have success. 

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