Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

   It has been cloudy and raining all week like I had hoped. The only problem is that last Sunday I forgot my umbrella at a member's house... so I have been without an umbrella for the whole week. This always happens, whenever I need my umbrella I always forget it, and whenever I have it I do not need it.

   Well, my first New Year's Eve in Rio was a little depressing and bad. I was a bit ill. And everyone was drunk. We even had investigators who said yeah, ‘I’m gonna drink. It's New Years’. Even though we taught them about the word of wisdom. It's frustrating.  The day of proselyting was the same but in the favela it was horrible. Everyone was lighting the huge fireworks right there in the street so my ears were often ringing because of the constant explosions. everyone was drunk. There were 15 year olds in the street with beers in their hands. It's illegal here but no one in the favelas follows the law really.  The work is really slow. This week was really bad because everyone was traveling and/or drunk and going to parties and stuff like that, so not too much success this week.

   We have a mission roster online now. Transfers are really weird because we are not actually given transfer orders now. The roster online has pictures of everyone in what area they are serving in. When we have transfers, we look online for our photo. If our photo is in a different area, that means we are transferred. Most of the time though our zone leaders will call us and spill the beans before we get a chance to look. The language is going fine, I just have trouble understanding people sometimes because they speak with a lot of slang. No one can understand me because Elder Ferreira says I speak so formally, and we proselyte in a favela so no one can understand formal speaking. So I have to learn the slang to understand and speak better.

Lots of love family!!!

Elder Baldwin

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