Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alright, you all probably want an explanation why this is coming so late. Here goes.
   I was transferred! A little unexpected, but not too much. The thing is this transfer isn't a normal one, otherwise I would have written you normally. My companion, Elder Baltazar, was called to train again. He has already trained once on the mission so it was a little surprising when he got the call. In general now they try and have everyone train once, but I guess if you were good they have you train again. So he will stay in my old area with his new comp and I am going to a place called Cabo Frio. Even though it has Frio in the name (which means cold) I have heard that it's pretty hot there as well. It is in the zone Macaé, and my new companion is also a distict leader, Elder Mimary. I haven't met him yet I’ll meet him tomorrow. So why was I late? Elder Baltazar has training for trainers and so he had to come today and I as his companion have to go as well. I don't do the training but I have to stay in the area. So I went with him at nine this morning and am just now getting a chance to write you guys.
   That's so cool Lara was able to go through! She was saying she wants to do a temple session with me when I get back. It will be awesome that we will be able to do that now.
   Oh and we didn't start a branch, we started what's called a group. Because a branch is like a ward but small, with a branch president presiding over the branch. A group uses the same bishop from the ward, it's just another meeting you can have later in the day. It's cool because you can join the two frequencies of each, and if their frequency is high enough for long enough they can construct their own chapel closer to the boundaries of the ward.
     This last week was devoid of many spiritual experiences. Our baptism fell through because she wants to know more about why baptism is necessary and stuff. I suspect that there is another motive that the baptism fell but I’m not sure.
   Rio does not have a temple yet. For the longest time it was the worse mission in all of Brazil and the butt of everyone’s jokes, but the past few mission presidents have turned it around to where now it's pretty successful. We are hoping to get a temple soon but probably not in my time here as a missionary. So, we do not get to go to the temple. I sorely miss it.
   Alright, I love you lots guys! I'll write all about Cabo Frio next week and my new investigators. Lots of Love! Elder Baldwin

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