Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daniel's MTC Experience

We have someone known as a progressive investigator who is really a teacher but she pretends to be an investigator with different needs and such. Elder Sherrill (my companion, Jesse) and I have to teach her entirely in Portuguese, so it is very difficult. We had our third lesson with her last night, and taught her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. We were the third group to go and pretty much everyone before us had challenged her to baptism and she had accepted.So Elder Sherrill and I were pretty confidant when we challenged her to baptism...until she said no. We challenged her as the last part of our lesson, so we were completely done. We had prepared nothing else to say to her or anything, and with what little we know of the language if you don't prepare what you are gonna say then you don't say it.It wasn't until she said no, however, that I began to feel the Spirit. The Spirit told me not to give up, not to accept no for an answer, so I had to call upon all of my Portuguese that I knew to teach her. So for the next 15 minutes I talked with her in Portuguese that I had to pull out of my brain somewhere. The Spirit definitely helped me find things to say because I am pretty sure i did not know how to say half the stuff that was coming out of my mouth. But I bore my testimony to her about my baptism and explained to her a little more about what Baptism was. When I bore my testimony the Spirit entered so strong that she actually began to tear up.I felt prompted again to ask her to be prepared to be baptized and she accepted the second time. This has been the first time Elder Sherrill and I really felt like missionaries,and it felt amazing.

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