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Monday, April 16, 2012

Yesterday we did not have a baptism, it fell through, but we confirmed the lady that we baptized last week. Her name is Marli and she is really starting to get really firm in the gospel. She basically just stays at home all day, so we gave her a bunch of Liahonas to read, the study manual for the old testament (which is what institute here is studying this year) and even now she is asking for doctrine and covenants to read! She always reads just a bit of everything each day. It's really cool to see how much she has progressed.

In terms of new investigators, we have a few. We are working on two families now who are able to be baptized, and another two families who need to get married first. Marriage here is incredibly much more difficult than in America, and for this reason it's much more common to just live together. But, we are helping them get everything done to get married and then baptized. This week we are preparing for Elder Quentin L. Cook to come to Rio, so my companion and I are focusing on people who are able to be baptized this week. We have about 7 candidates, and out of them we are hoping to get about 3 baptisms this week, but at the very least baptize someone lol. I'll let you know how that goes.

We did a service project for a family that took all day. The husband works for the electric company, so they go up in those boxes in the trucks to work on the power lines. We were restoring some of the old boxes for his company. This guy, the husband, his name is Jackson. He is really cool, and loves working with his hands like Dad and Brother Hales. He was given a really old bicycle that was a piece of junk. He sanded it down, took it apart and greased everything up and bought a few new parts for it. I was able to help him put everything back together again. He turned it into a pick hello kitty bike for his daughter’s birthday, and it looks brand new! He said he saved 300 dollars doing it this way, than buying a new one. I have included a picture of it so you can see.

My knee is alright, just a little pain after a lot of walking but nothing major. Keep praying for me, cuz it works! Lol. Yes Brazil gets lots of thunder and lightning when it rains, and I'm reading in Mosiah 22 now. I love you guys and wish you guys a good week! And send me more photos of people in general :) Alright I love you guys. Until next week.
Elder Baldwin

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