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Monday, April 23, 2012

So today is the last day of transfers. I'm staying here in Cabo Frio, but my Companion Elder Mimary was called to be a Zone Leader in a different Zone. He wanted to tell you guys they he loves you very much. He is really sad because he wanted to stay for another transfer. The picture of the family I sent is not married. She (The Mom) was the only one in her family not to get baptized, and she regrets it terribly. She even has a brother serving a mission who she writes to every week. We have started the process for them of getting married, but I'm really afraid. Elder Mimary knew much more about the rules of marriage than I do here in Brazil, and I don't know if he knows much about marriage here in Brazil, he is an American. His name is Elder Peterson. I don't know too much about him, I’ll meet him tomorrow. I hope he is a good companion.

So, the family wants to get married really badly. She has a basic knowledge of the gospel because she went to church when she was a little girl, so she knows she should be married. She says she feels that weight pressing on her every time she thinks about it, especially with us here teaching them. Last night she asked how long it would take to finish the marriage process. Here it is about 40-60 days. She wants it this week already lol. Her husband wants to marry as well. He is very shy and reserved, so he doesn't talk much, but he said he wants God more in his life, and we are sure he will be baptized as well after the marriage. Then, she asked how long after the wedding until they could be baptized. We told them it could be the same day if they wanted. That made her very happy. However, the husband has a mom and sister who live with them on the weekends who have been receiving the lessons as well. We invited them both to be baptized this Sunday. His mom immediately accepted. The Sister tentatively accepted. We made the invite on Saturday, before she went to church. She said she really liked the church, though, and we are almost positive that she is firm to be baptized as well.

We have one other investigator with whom we are working, who really likes the church a lot. He doesn't want to get baptized though, until he receives an answer that this is the true church. We are trying to help him recognize that answer. He has been to church now 3 times, and has loved it every time. We want to give him the baptismal challenge this week.

There are a few others but these are the principal and the most firm of our investigators. Thank you for your prayers I know they are helping.
 Say thank you To Uncle Kevin and Aunt Gena for me, and also Uncle Tyler and Aunt Linda. These blessings are huge that they are giving, and they will for sure receive many more blessings for this.

I love you guys so much, and thank you for everything. I'll let you know how the conference goes with Elder Cook. Oh... and Mothers Day is next Transfer. Man, the time has really flown by. I love you guys, Many blessings for you all.
Elder Baldwin

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