Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey Dad,
   That’s good to hear that Bekka has been doing better. I’ve been worried about her all week. But I was able to focus and work this week as well.
   We didn't baptize this week, a fact that I didn't like. No one in the zone has baptized for two weeks now. But we worked hard and every single area had people in church. Now this week I planned to do divisions in every area of the zone to firm up these baptisms. It's gonna be a hectic week coming up. In our area we had a family where not everyone was members come to church. A young man who married outside of the church. But she is really interested and appears like she wants to be baptized. Tonight we will have a Family Night with them and we will make American Pancakes lol. And we will invite her to baptism for the 24th. We are pretty sure she will accept :) But pray for us anyways. Our other family, andré and regina, didn't come to church because their son had an episode. We are pretty sure it's mental now and not spiritual, because we gave him a blessing, and while he got better a bit he still had this episode. So they might intern him in a hospital to run some tests and see if it is this. That's about it. I'm really short on time, sorry I spent it all writing everyone else. But I love you and thank you for all your prayers :) And I pray for you guys every day.
Elder Baldwin

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