Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alright! Another P-Day down. Today I was able to go into the city before my email, so I can tell you all about it!! I wrote some letters to people but I haven't sent some to you yet. The reason being is it costs me 2.10 a letter to send, which in American money is about 1.40. The Brazil MTC doesn't give me any money so I will wait to send alot of letters for when I am out in the field and recieving money. Maybe I can use that money more. So today Elder Smith and I went to Barbecue! It was all you can eat and they cut it off the stake for you onto your plate. It was really cool and really good. For the meal and a Sprite it was R$22.00 or around 15 american dollars, which isn't too bad for an all you can eat pork and steak place. Right now my companions are two Americans named Elder Smith and Elder Gleason. We have Brazilian roommates but in general they don't pair up Americans and Brazilians because the Brazilians leave after only 3 weeks.
   I have only 4 more weeks in the MTC!! It's weird to think I'll be leaving for Rio in a month. The Elder that came from my home district last week was Elder Lamb, tall with really short buzz cut who I roomed with in Provo. Tomorrow we are getting four more elders, three of whom are from my old District. Elders Swinney, Heath, and Cornwell. Still no word from Elder Sherrill yet I think.
   Oh, try not to send any letters or packages to me here at the Brazil CTM. It takes the postal service a week to get to me and right now the post office is on strike, so they delay all mail by at least another week. I'm afriad you will send me mail and I will leave before it gets delivered. If you send it to my mission office in about two weeks, then I should be able to get it from them. Also, no matter what you do do not send packages to me here. It takes 4-6 weeks to get here, and the CTM can NOT send it to me in the field if I am not here to recieve it. Just send those straight to my mission home. Thank you so much I love you!
   I don't know exactly how to use the pouch system but when I do I'll let you know. Oh, did you get the stamps I sent home with that first post card letter thing? Because if not I need to hunt down the lady and ask her where she put them.... Well time is up. Which is really lame... I hope you get this and all is well. Love you all lots!!
   Elder Daniel Baldwin

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