Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

   So, thanks to the time change you all moved back an hour, and I moved forward an hour, meaning we are now 6 hours apart!!! Which means it is barely 8 in the morning there. I hope all is well back home.
   Ok so I freaked out a little when I heard I could send letters by pouch when I get in the field, but then they told me that it doesn't matter I still need Brazilian stamps (I don't know why) so don't worry too much about it.
   Yes I did get two of your dear elders. They come slow but they come. I still have three weeks left in the CTM (name for it down here in Brazil) I really am getting tired of it. I'm ready to get out into the field, but I still need this time for the language. The language is starting to come, but really slowly. Since coming here my understanding has gone way up, but my speaking even though it's improving is way behind.  
   The CTM is about to get a lot more people. Apparently the visa office in L.A. (which is the big one for almost everyone to use) is sending out like 100 visas. That’s good, but only about 40 are coming to the CTM because the rest were already in the field.
    Oh! Report time. So one thing I forgot to tell you last week was last Sunday (not two days ago) I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! It was on virtue and only 5 min. The scary thing was that Pres. and Sis Clark, mission presidents of the MTC, attended our sacrament meeting. But afterward Sister Clark told me I did really well, and I have a really sweet spirit about me when I give talks. I thought that was nice. This past Sunday (just two days ago) I played the piano for sacrament meeting. That was scary... especially because I didn't know any sacrament songs. So I learned one. I can't remember the hymn number in English since the hymn books are different but I learned a whole hymn in one week, finding 10 min here and there to practice in between classes. OH! And tonight I direct the Missionary choir for devotional. That is gonna be scary....
   Anyways things are going pretty good. Yeah it really is weird that Elder Sherrill isn't here yet but he will come eventually, especially now that visas are coming out fast again. I can't believe I only have 3 weeks left at the MTC but at the same time I can't believe it is taking so long. I want to get out in the field so bad....
   Well, I am out of time. Until next week I suppose... I am gonna go out today and try a Pastel from a bakery.
Lots and lots of Love,
Elder Baldwin

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