Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4

Tuesday's are Elder Baldwin's P-day, so that is most likely the day where new information and updates will be available. Here is his email from this week:

Dear mom and dad:
I am sorry I did not call you in the airport, I was not aware I was allowed to until it was too late. But I'm here safe and sound, and it sounds like you got the picture emailed by my MTC president. He seems really nice. oh! Another miracle happened while I was checking my bags. Both weighed exactly 50 pounds each!! I didn't have to pay for anything extra and was able to take all my stuff, books and everything included. The small backpack survived the trip somehow and I am still using it.

So the MTC down here allows us outside of the MTC within a few block of it on P-Day. Today (tuesday) is my P-Day so I will be able to go outside and see how my Portuguese is in the real world ;). I'm also going to buy a few things like a scripture bag for my Portuguese set of scriptures. There is a lady here who can embroider the name of my mission and my name on the front of the bag so that is pretty cool. I am really loving it here now. I'm starting to love my companions as well. Oh! Tomorrow we get a new Elder in our district from Provo. I'm hoping it is Elder Sherrill but I’m not sure if it will be since there are 200 some odd elders waiting for visas back there. Because of that, this MTC has about 100 if not less missionaries in it, and only about 30-40 from America. It’s weird but nice at the same time. We have Brazilian roommates since it is 6 to a room here. They don't speak any english at all and their portuguese is very difficult to understand, but I find every day it gets a little easier.

The food down here is much better in everyone's opinion than in Provo. Some food in Provo we miss, but the freshness and organic-ness and other things of the food here more than makes up for it in my opinion. Yes I loved Conference! And you will be happy to know that I was awake for every single session this time, all 5. It's weird though because we were watching it three hours ahead of Utah and 4 hours ahead of you guys. I was eating dinner when I'm sure you were all still in your pajamas!

I have been really good about taking my vitamins so far, but I hear the field is much worse than the MTC so I’m going to try and save them until I get to Rio. I only have 5 more weeks here before I ship out to the field. It’s weird. The saying here is the days pass by like weeks, but the weeks pass by like days. This is very true, because each day feels like an eternity but I blink and it is P-Day again and I get to write you all again :)

Oh did you see the new Joseph Smith movie, which is narrated by the mother of Joseph Smith? I don't know, I kind of like the other one about him better. They are virtually the same movie but they took out a couple scenes and stuff.
They told me my stamps would not work because they were american stamps. They work in america going out but not from other countries going in. but idk... I'm just gonna send letter out from the post office, and it will be awhile I think before I send home more pictures, like after I get to the field or so. But I’m glad you got them ok :). I love you very much!

Love your son, Elder Baldwin

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