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Monday, June 10, 2013

Alright, where to begin?
   So this week they cut our power in our house. Yep. So we are taking cold showers and lighting candles to see at night. Since it gets really cold here at night and the water feels like ice it doesn't really work to take a shower unless I want hypothermia. So I’m heating up water on the stove and putting it in a bucket and scrubbing myself down. By candlelight. Fun stuff. Experiences of the mission. lol. Apparently the dude whose name was in the house canceled his account with the light company without telling us. So we are going to slap him in the face. He is the ex-bishop of this ward. Also, someone didn't pay the phone bill so we don’t have phones for right now. This week was really great :)

   Anyways, enough whining. The training went really well for the District leader. He got really excited to learn how to talk with the sisters and they are getting better now, doing more and complaining less. There is still a lot to be wanted but they will get there. The zone only baptized one again this week, that same district leader. He is on fire. This next week the zone has about 4 baptisms planned out so pray for us that they go through. We still have three weeks to meet our goals. We want to do even better than last month.

    This week, thanks to that and the mission council we did not have too much time to work in our own area. Also, we had to rush to an area really far to interview a baptism that didn't happen and ended up wasting the whole day. We even missed our church meeting. Thankfully the members brought our investigators to church for us. That was a blessing.

 So a family came to church for the second time, and we went and taught them last night. Turns out, they aren’t married. But they are really awesome. We are gonna stick them in the process and just teach em slow, cuz it’ll take about a month. There are a couple other young men and young women going to church that we are going to visit this week and invite them to baptism. Apparently the members have been inviting them over for family nights and teaching the lessons and stuff. Kinda cool but at least it worked.

  They called me the other day about what airport I’ll be flying into. We call it the trunky call. Every missionary gets it a few months before they go home. The other members of my group already have plane tickets and know the days and stuff but not I. Since I’m on the new mission it complicates things, seeing as how the new mission president hasn’t come in yet.

   That’s cool I got a new call. Unfortunately I found out that my certificate for completing a mission will read mission juiz de fora. That’s fine I guess, but it just feels wrong cuz i served 90% of the time in Rio. But ah well.

   I’m not sure if I’ll stay in this area the rest of my mission, cuz the new president will open up lots of new zones and areas, and he may use me being the senior zone leader here to get a lot of info and maybe train new zones. My old comp, Elder Pimentel who is an assistant right now called me and said that the new president will probably be having lots of meetings with me and counseling with me. whoopee. More stress lol. It’s cool but I’m a little nervous.

   Alright I’m sending a new letter my mission president sent me basically saying goodbye. Print it out for me and put it in my book of remembrance? Thanks.

   Alright thanks guys for your letters, and dad I enjoy reading about the lessons you give to the high priests. It gets me thinking in different ways about the doctrine. Love you all!
Elder Baldwin

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