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Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey Mom and dad! Thanks for writing!
   Alright, where to start.....I guess I'll start with my zone and this week. So we baptized! A young man named Denner. He has been going to Seminary for 2 months now, and he decided himself when he wanted to be baptized. It was really sad cuz neither of his parents went to see the baptism, but he was fine. There is a family in the ward that have really brought him in and made him feel welcome. He was telling us that he may want to serve a mission too. I really hope so. He is the kind of young man that you write 40 years later and find out he was stake president lol. The zone did really well as well, getting 4 baptisms in total this week. This brings us up to 10 baptisms in the zone for this month. Really good for any zone really, but especially this one. Normally a zone, when it does good, will get high numbers one month and the next crash because they have to prepare others for baptism. I have never seen a zone do really well like ours has two months in a row before. We are going for number one again so this week is the long stretch.  Either way we have done really well this month. The Missionaries are very excited for the new mission as well. The sisters will stay dad, but there are some going home this transfer that need to go to Rio before the mission splits. Their plane ticket is already bought and so they can’t change the flight. Mine can still be changed cuz it’s a bit more in the front.

    Dad I think you gave me this scripture already. But I will study it again. I am also in 2 Nephi in the book of Mormon, but I’ll admit. I have been reading a bit of the old testament too. I’m in Samuel, reading about kings Saul and David. I have never read the bible before, and I’ll admit, I am glad I have read the book of Mormon so much before because it has helped me see how the bible can help, when it is understood in the right way.

   Alright, so let me tell you about the conference. It was really good and very spiritual. So they are opening up the internet, email and Facebook and other things, for missionaries to use to contact investigators and confirm appointments. But who knows when that will be for Brazil. I think only in a few months. It will probably come right as I am leaving. Also, because of the many missionaries that are coming they are going to try and tick missionaries in the chapels during the week to give tours and teach lessons in the chapels. Not sure how well this will work here because there are lots of drunks and people who will just want to get free water and see if they can steal something. But who knows, maybe in the good neighborhoods they will put them. It’s a really good idea.

   Alright, I need to go now. I love you guys and hope that you have a good week with Bekka. Give a kiss to the nephews for me! This week will be busy doing all the changes for the new mission, but we will still try and baptize :) Love you so much!!!
Elder Baldwin

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