Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad,
   Yes! I got my package! Finally. They have had it there for awhile they just kept forgetting to get it to me. Thank you so much for everything and I am once again impressed with how good you packed everything mom! I loved it all, especially all the stuff with peanut butter in it. They don’t sell that here in my current area. Really it’s really rare in Brasil.

   Well, we had a baptism this week but it fell through. Basically he just wanted to wait one more week. It’s sad but we can’t force people to receive blessings. But he is firm for this next week, and we are preparing some other people as well for baptism. We will see how it goes. The zone did well, we got 4 baptisms this week, bringing our total to 6 or the month so far. We have two more Sundays to pull it together, and get our goals. The Lady that had the experience with the book of Mormon wants to be baptized but her husband prohibited her from doing so now. He is not a very spiritual man and he thinks that she is just crazy and not really feeling anything. It’s really sad the way the devil works, and he throws in whatever he can to impede the baptism. I have really seen his power here on the mission not just in this case but with others as well and it is frightening.

   Yes! So we got light back in our house and our phone is working again. Blessings! Yes I had to use all the candles that Maria and Bobby sent me, so they were well used and huge blessing for us in a time of need.
   I will start serving in the new mission at the start of July, so I’ll be 20 still when I can have said I served in two missions!!! I’m still pretty young ;) don’t be writing me off so soon yet.

   So the new mission president is President Cascardi. He looks really cool. He is Brazilian but apparently lived in Utah for awhile and speaks fluent English. He is owner of a franchise of one of the best language schools here in Brasil that teaches English. So he seems really cool. See if you can’t look him up and see what it says about him. Anyways, my time is up. I love you guys and hope I got to all of your guy’s questions. I love you and have a good week!
Elder Baldwin

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