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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!
   Alright so I’ll clear it up. The new mission hasn’t started yet but this is the transfer that it will start. It starts July 1st. So, as long as there is no emergency transfer, when the new mission officially starts I will be a part of it. My mission president will not go with me, I will get a completely new one. But that's fine. I have learned so much from my current one, and I will only be one month away from him with a new one. My only regret is that I won’t have my final interview with him. You would like him a lot dad, if you could talk to him. He writes a letter every week to the mission and this week he wrote about the difference between the members loving you and trusting you. He said if they ask you to stay more than one hour at lunch, and you do, they will love you. But if you politely decline, and go and work, they will trust you, and he said that trust is worth even more than gold. Hmmm.... where have I heard that one before?  I love you Dad and thank you so much for helping prepare me for a mission, so long before I served one.

   I wrote Tanner and told him he should at least study the lessons. That's the part I wish I had studied more before the mission. Once that’s down, the rest of his mission will be a breeze.

   The relationship with the sisters is going alright. It’s so hard but we are doing everything we can to only talk positive with them. We hope that with time they will start picking it up. It’s tough because some of them are going home this transfer and so the trunkiness will start to set in. But that happens with any missionary. I will also do a division with their district leader this week and read that letter you sent me a few weeks ago about the sisters, and help him understand how to do it as well. I hope from then on everything will be good. This week just one of our district leaders baptized, but at least the zone did not zero the week. We had a few people in church that the members have been preparing for us and so we will visit them this week and prepare them for baptism.

My new companion, Elder Silva, is awesome! He is a power house and loves to just get things done. This first week he almost tore the house apart cleaning it. Even though Elder Ramos and I had cleaned pretty good, it still was lacking. Now, the house will be as clean as yours mom lol. Lots of sweat blood and tears, but it will be clean. We found 11 new investigators, including a new family that we will be helping. Oh! And a miracle happened this week. Do you remember that Sonia woman, who had the incredible experience with the spirit and the book of Mormon? Well we visited them for the first time after we had cut them this week. It had been about 3 weeks since we had visited them. We got there and just read a part out of 3 Nephi 11 about baptism and the fore of baptism and stuff, and she turned to us and said that she was feeling the spirit really strong. She said that in her life she had always considered herself a servant of God. She said to us, "If I am supposedly a servant of his, then why am I not doing what he is telling me to do? Can I still be baptized Elder?"

 It was a really good moment where the spirit testified to everyone in the room. She said she didn’t care anymore what her husband said, cuz he had not wanted her to previously because of her health problems. She said she wanted to serve the Lord. So we are helping her to be baptized this month! I am so happy because I cannot imagine what the condemnation would be if she just rejected the witness she had her whole life.

   Alright, well I love you guys. This week is the going away party for an elder here in the ward. It’s so weird thinking he is going to go and start his two years, and here I am completing them. I’m gonna give him a tie as a present. Alright I love you and hope you guys have a good week.
Elder Baldwin

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