Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad,
   I'm gonna respond to you both in this letter to save time. Almost everyone emailed me today. I totally forgot it was cinco de mayo this week. We don't celebrate that here so it was just normal. This week was really good, our district leader here is on fire in his new area and marked four baptismal dates and brought 6 people to church. He will baptize next week. Our other District Leader is training (again) his third missionary and is on fire as well. They just baptized two people yesterday. It's funny, I call him father Jacob cuz he has trained so much, and I call this new missionary Joseph, the favorite, cuz he will probably be the last of the missionaries that he trains. Other than that the Zone is moving forward. I have a good relationship with my companion, I think because we knew each other before and we have a lot of the same interests. Also, we serve each other, making each other’s beds and ironing each other’s shirts and stuff so that helps us like each other. I found out it is the secret to a good relationship.

     My companion lacks 7 baptisms for him to hit his goal on his mission, and ironically enough I lack 7 as well. We already baptized together last week but we will work hard to get this goal in the next few weeks.
   In our area we found a couple people that we are really happy about, they are progressing a lot, but not too many people went to church. That was heart breaking. Everything happened so that they didn't come to church. We will try and do our best to fix that this week. But we have not been getting real luck in our area, because every week there is something that we have to do. Last week was council, this week will be zone conference, etc. But these are just excuses, and we need to do better. We made plans to do much better.
   I don't have a return date yet! I have suspicions of a date, but I don't know yet. I'll let you know when I find out.

   Dad, could you give some advice on when you were leader of sisters? How did you incentive them to work? Cuz the other day we called to simply say that we were there to help them do better and they said they felt burned. Shoot. That was the farthest thing from a burning lol. So what did you do? That would be great.

   I can't wait to talk to you mom. Remember I only have 40 min and I have a few things that I need to do, like bear my testimony and stuff like that. It's my last call! But I want to keep the rules. We will have lots of time to talk when I get home :) And we are sealed, so that's like eternity. Ok I love you all and I hope as always that this week is good too :)
Lots of Love,
Elder Baldwin

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