Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!!
  Alright, I am very happy this week. We got three baptisms!! All three of Marcos and Denise’s kids were baptized yesterday. It was a tough fight until the end. One of the kids got an infected leg and
almost had surgery, and he was scared to be baptized, but we helped
him through it. Actually, it was his parents who said he needed to be
baptized! I think they understand better than their kids. They
accepted our help to get married and then we will baptize them as
well. Today was transfers, last day with my current comp cuz he is
going home. I’m gonna miss him. My new comp is a really young
missionary. I saw him born when I was in Cabo Frio! He is a machine,
and works really hard and keeps all the rules. Really good missionary.
His name is Elder Silva. I’m excited to work with him. Oh, so my zone
baptized 13 this month!! We are leading the mission now, with the
highest number of baptisms than any other zone this month! So yeah,
I'm pretty excited.

  The Conference was really good. One area brought 33 people to
church! President came and said to me, Elder Baldwin, you gotta get on
top of this to baptize all these people, alright?  I said okey
dokey lol. Thats not gonna be too hard. In total I think the zone
must have brought around 70 people to watch the three sessions that
there were. There were three sessions because the stake is large
geographically, so they did it in 3 locations. President was very

  Well, I am officially on the new mission. Unless something major
gets changed around suddenly. But I don't think it will. Not much else
change in the zone, so we are gonna destroy again this month cuz we
have all the same people. It's good.

  That's so crazy Brother Adams was called as Patriarch! That's so
cool. He will be an incredible Patriarch. I don't remember if I gave
you congrats dad last week on your new calling, but congrats. Looks
like you still haven't terminated all your scouting activities yet. Thought it would all end with Tanner, hunh? lol. But that's good. It will keep you active. Will you go to Wolfeboro? Matt has been
writing me and this year he will work there, so you might see him. If
you do tell him hi for me.

In the MTC they give us training on how to deal with stress. That's been one of my fears as well is lose my memory, cuz the time passes so fast and there is so much to do. I understand what Jacob said in the Book of Mormon now when he said the time passed as if it were a dream(Jacob 7 I think). i testify to that.
Save that book for me to read when i get back, ok Dad? It sounds
really interesting. And yes we are changing how we talk to the
sisters. In fact, they baptized this week so that is good. We are
pretty happy with them.

  Alright well have fun hanging doors there. I am bummed that I
couldn't see Uncle Tim and Aunt Karen and Mie. Tell them hi for me
when they are there. ok, I love you Family and hope that everyone is
doing good. I pray for you all every day. Until Next week!
Elder Baldwin

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