Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Alright, where to start. First of all, wow. It's already July. I’m kind of in a dazed state right now and not really sure what to write.

   Everything is basically the same as it was before. Just now, our mission president got here today and he is getting settled in. I still haven’t met him and don’t know when. It will be this week. But I’m not sure when. He is leaving everything the same for right now. The first transfer date is set for the 16th, and that's when he will start moving stuff around. Even then, it won't be too much. He will really start moving stuff around the transfer that I go home, cuz that is when a ton of missionaries will start getting here. I am still Zone leader. The assistant is my last companion Elder Pimentel, and another missionary from the other mission from which we got two more stakes. I’ll probably stay zone leader until the end of the mission, cuz they both will stay more time than me. No worries, assistants don’t even do anything, definitely not baptize. Yesterday we baptized again! That young man, Samuel. We found him a week and a half ago! I still can’t believe that he had that much faith to go forward and be baptized. He really is really good. His sister came and watched the baptism as well, and he even invited her to be baptized as well. We will help her maybe even this week. Their parents we are teaching, but they aren't married (big surprise!).

So me and my comp went crazy in the beginning of the week, teaching a lot of lessons. one day we got 6 lessons with member! That was cool. that was good cuz the last half we spent in other areas trying to find other baptisms. The zone closed with 12 baptisms, 3 short of the goal. It's frustrating, but we have no one else to blame but ourselves. Its Mission Juiz de Fora. It means the outskirts judge. Weird huh? or the Judge who lives in the outskirts. The weather has been really good to us. That’s winter for yeah in Brazil. I love you all and hope you guys have a good week.
Elder Baldwin

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