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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
   Sorry this week I spent a bit more time on the site of the mission so I don't have too much time to write you guys but I’ll try and be fast.
This week we were all happy and siked to have a baptism of a woman that has been being taught for 3 years in Bolívia. We invited her for baptism this Sunday and she accepted! It was such a spiritual lesson, and the spirit was so strong it was obvious she would say yes. Unfortunately, she had some problems not wanting to live all of the commandments, and fell not wanting to be baptized. She returns to Bolívia this week, and she is against being baptized anytime soon. We became very sad after this. It's always hard when people exercise their free agency in the wrong ways.

   The training is going good. Other than our sad week also, the district is doing well. We had the most successful district this month in the entire mission. Our district alone had 10 baptisms, baptized 2 families, and reactivated 2 families. I was very happy to see this, and we will be doing all we can to have a similar January.

   It was really good to see you all on Christmas, and I did get a bit trunky but it went away after I went home and went to bed ;) I'm glad to hear that Rachel's plane landed safely and everything is good there. Thanks for the Christmas letter, it was really nice to read about all you guys. I can't believe that Amy Lambert already got back! She left just a bit before I did! That's scary. And I had no idea that Teerah applied to go on a mission! And Italy! That's incredible. Tell her congratulations for me!

   Yes I opened the rest of my presents and gave my companion his. He liked it a lot Mom, and he says thank you. He thinks it's weird though that you sent us both the same tie, lol, and he doesn't want to wear them at the same time. Ah well. No worries ;) He liked it.

   Thank you mom and dad, for everything. I was needing the pants and the shirt and everything, so it was all received well. :) I love you both and hope you have a good new years! I will probably do the same thing I did for Christmas, hang out with the ZL's. Tchau!
Elder Baldwin

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