Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!
   Sounds like your guys' week was pretty good. That's really cool the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. I'll rub it in a couple of American elders faces here lol. The Brazilians all argue about soccer and the Americans argue about football. But it's all good. That's good that San Francisco is doing good again. Maybe it can regain some of its former glory haha. Football and Baseball. Just need the Warriors to pick it up now.

   Anyway, this week was pretty good for me. It's raining almost every day here. I'm not complaining cuz January is usually the hottest month. I just hope it continues through February as well cuz February is pretty hot too. In other news, everyone is getting ready for carnaval again! So there are lots of festas and parties going on. Where I am serving now in Madureira is the Samba capital of Rio, and Rio is considered one of the Samba capitals of the world. So.... yeah. Samba is pretty big in my area. I think during carnaval we will be returning home early to not get caught in the drunken and often times naked parties and dances that happen on the street... in front of our house lol.

   So yeah I think September and October would be excellent months to go and visit Rio. School would still be in session, so we wouldn't have to worry about kids on the streets, and work as well. It will be entering the summer time so it won't be too hot but it will but nice and toasty. Also it's not a tourist time so I think we would be able to move around pretty easily without too much traffic and harassment. Oh, this week I talked with my president, and after talking with him I decided that I will stay until the end of my mission, and not return to go to school. This will make it easier to come back and visit after I get home, and spend some time with Tanner before he leaves. Just to let you know though.... once he has his call he is not allowed to leave the country. So i don't know how you guys are wanting to do that if he wants to come with us to Rio/Brazil. But I’ll let you guys worry about that. aight? ;)

    Fatima was not baptized this week. She worked late almost every day and we did not have time to prepare her. Thankfully she still accepted our visits and we will continue working with her, but I’m not sure when she will be baptized. Our family looks like they heard some things about the church that they didn't like, cuz they basically said they didn't want anything anymore. But we are continually looking for more families. This week we got a new Relief Society President, the wife of our ward mission leader. She doesn't work and has much more time and dedication than the last president, so we are going to work with her to find all the women in the ward whose husbands aren't members, and try and complete the family. This helps in reactivating the sisters and getting more priesthood in the ward. We are starting to get excited again for the work.

    Alright I don't have much time But I love you guys and thank you for everything and all the updates :)
Alright, love you lots!
Elder Baldwin

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