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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad,
   I've been good. This week had some rain and that cooled down some, so it wasn't too hot. The only thing is, when it rains here in the summer... it rains. There were some areas of Rio that flooded so high that people lost their houses entirely and the water level was up to the top of the doors. The areas that sit lower than the rest. The sewer system is a joke here in Rio, so it happens a lot.
   Haha, that's a shame the missionaries didn't teach so well. Maybe like you said they were intimidated. Our ward does have a lot of High Priests. But also, like a barber shop, he who cuts hair well, practices lots right? It's the same thing with teaching. He who teaches well is he who teaches lots. Maybe they are just out of practice if they haven't been teaching lessons a lot lately. That's why we have to do practices every day during comp study. The practice helps get out the bad turn.
   Happy Birthday Dad! That's cool that you'll go on a boat for your birthday. Will they have lots of seafood there? I miss seafood. Everybody here just makes lots of chicken lol. You'd think it would be different, right? Cuz this is a bay city. But its cuz the sewer system dumps into the bay, and it’s really polluted, so the fish there aren't good. All fish is imported from other states and so it's expensive. Ah well. I hope you have a good time there.

   Alright, so I'll tell you about our new years. We went to a recently baptized family’s house to celebrate the new year. Don't worry we didn't stay until the new year lol. We went back to our zone leader’s house and watched the fireworks from there. Oh My Gosh. That was an experience. Here, fireworks are liberated and every one would buy them illegally anyway. But the big fireworks are all lit on the street. So there were some dumb dumbs on our street who brought a ton! On the other side of the street they started lighting them off. But the first one they did wrong (probably drunk) and the holder of about 40 fell on the street! They started exploding everywhere. I filmed it all exploding on the street, but then they started falling into our house!! haha, we all ran downstairs after to wait it out, just in case one fell and blew up in our face. The idiots then decide to do it again. This time they did it right though. So I have lots of videos of really cool fireworks really close up. So close up, that when they exploded all the little bits and pieces would fall on our roof and one of them even got me. It was pretty funny. Thankfully it wasn't hot.
   So yeah, definitely a memorable new years. Sounds like your guys' wasn't exactly the same lol. That's alright. At least you got to sleep. The neighbors played really loud horrible music until 6:30 in the morning!  Literally, when the alarm went off and we woke up is when they turned off the music. It sucked. Hardly anyone slept.

   Eesh, tell Rachel she needs to keep her room really well cleaned. That's what we have to do here if we don't want cockroaches. But even well cleaned, she will probably see more than a few.
   In terms of the work this week was less successful. We are teaching a woman named Fátima but she is really firm in the Baptist church and that is giving her lots of doubts. She wasn't able to go to church yesterday, but she promised next week. She said she thinks she will only be able to receive her answer after going to church. We are helping qualify her to be able to receive that answer this next Sunday. There are a few others but no one progressing as much as her. Pray that we will be able to do lots of finding this week, cuz we need some new investigators.
   Alright, well have fun this week. I hope you guys another happy new year. This year has lots of good stuff waiting to happen! I'm excited. I love you guys and I'll talk to you guys next week :)
Elder Baldwin

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