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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
   So you are probably wondering about the transfers. Surprisingly, I was not transferred. My companion was. Another huge surprise is that I am a trainer!! Because of Christmas, the transfers were funky, that is why I am writing you on Tuesday. But I am now training Elder Leal here in Madureira. I will be with him the next 2 transfers. I am very happy because I have always wanted to be a trainer since the mission began. He is from Rio Grande Do Sul, right next to Argentina. He has a crazy cool accent from there as well. He is a convert to the church and his parents aren't members, but they support him in everything he does in the church. His mom wants to be baptized but needs to marry her husband first. But he is really cool and humble, and it will be great training him.

   I got both of my packages intact, thank you for sending them, also I got my package from the Relief Society in the ward!! Please tell them thank you, mom, for sending me that package. It was great receiving it. I have not opened the packages yet but I probably will today.

   This week was a bit tougher but we were able to find a man named José who went to church. We will work with him this week to try and baptize him, but he has some doubts. Nothing the Book of Mormon can’t help though. Vera and Luiz were confirmed and were so happy for their confirmations, and our two families that came back to church last week came this week as well. It was such a good Sunday. It was funny because they said that Saturday they would call all the trainers and let them know if they were training. I did not get a call so I didn't think anything of it. Then on Sunday, my zone leader calls me and tells me that I'm a trainer. It was such a surprise I almost started hyperventilating. It was funny.

Alright, well I love you guys and hope you have a good week relaxing for Christmas. And it is true mom, next Christmas I’ll be there ;) trunky.
Elder Baldwin

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