Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

   I can't believe Tanner got called to Thailand!!! Wow that is so crazy.

   I'm doing good here, just trying to not get trunky. All of the members in the ward know I'm leaving now. It's hard to hide it. Plus, the Bishop asked me specifically to bear my testimony yesterday, and so I did maybe for the last time in Portuguese on a fast Sunday. Not for the last time though, I found out my companion scheduled me to talk in sacrament meeting my last Sunday here. Great, lol. That's why I love my companion. But yeah. The Bishop here is amazing. His name is Jose Carlos. He treats us like his own sons. Maybe because his son just got his own mission call. He actually leaves the day after do, on the 29th, for a mission in Brazil called Natal. He is crazy excited and is always going on divisions with us and stuff. Tanner and I will be able to go on divisions with the missionaries too ;)

   This week was not a very good week.

I don't know why but the people just aren't accepting the baptismal invite, nor the invite to come to church. But it's our fault. We just need to be a little bit more diligent. We are also still looking for an apartment that we can live in. We found one last night that looks just perfect, 3 bed 2 bath, with a large living room and nice little kitchen. It will be for 2 companionships, and it just looks like the sweetest little place. It's also not too expensive. A little expensive for the area but considering the size not too bad, 800 reais. Yeah, living here is way cheaper. Houses here are like 40-90 thousand reais to buy. That's like 20-45 thousand dollars. Of course, that all depends on the area and different things like that. But hey, retiring to Brazil wouldn't be a bad option, would it? lol.

   We taught 23 lessons, with 15 new investigators, and 17 references contacted, but only 2 people came to church. These people are coming regularly and each have their reasons why they can't be baptized. Ugh. But we are still in the fight. We are teaching a few people who have already been to church and maybe we can help them be baptized.
    What we do for fun on P-Day? hmmmm, well I have already gone and done sight seeing, I did that in Cabo Frio, I have baptized on P-Day before, that was pretty fun. We sometimes do things with the district. I have played Risk on P-day with the district before that was kinda cool. My companion likes card games like Pokemon, so we found a store with Portuguese Pokemon cards. Also, I found a Marvel game in cards that has a bunch of the heroes and villains. It's pretty coo I'll bring it back cuz I’m pretty sure the U.S. still doesn't have it. It's all in Portuguese as well. But yeah. I have had companions who thought having fun on P-Day was sleeping the entire day. Sometimes also the members invite us over to hang out with them. But yeah, it all depends. Oh, the sisters are wanting to play volleyball so one day we will do that as well.
  Have a good week!!!
Elder Baldwin

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