Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

  Well, first things first. I think maybe you guys got the itinerary? I did too. So yeah, now you know exactly when ill be coming home and all that good stuff. Go ahead and tell everyone. I started my last transfer today. 6 weeks left. We still don't have the transfers so I may be transferred or may have a new companion. We will find out tomorrow. Lots of areas opening up in the zone. My zone will be huge. It's gonna be interesting. We are going to have 4-5 districts. So lots of time on the telephone. joy. Ah well, it will help me prepare for life. Right?

   This week we didn't baptize. Diego's parents don't want him too. We need to go there and figure out why. His mom is all for it, but his dad (who doesn't even live with him) said he should wait longer even though he has been going to seminary for like ever and church as well. Just the power of the devil is all. But we will also be marrying a family and baptizing them this week, and we had three other people in church as well. So I'm excited. Lots of good stuff happening. The bishop is super excited and all the members are wanting to give references. It's actually hard to find an open time now to just do contacts. Many times we find ourselves with less and less contacts but still with lots of news and references contacted. It's great, cuz the people are a lot more open than just contacts.

   So, my birthday. Yesterday I went to a members house. A couple of members who are all around 25-29 years old. Friends in the ward. We made home-made pizza and cake. My companion made a ton of videos, I’ll save them and bring them with me, but it was a really fun birthday. They even gave me presents!  I got a pen that has Moroni on it, really fancy, and a new tie. I've been here so long that the whole ward was saying happy birthday to me yesterday and asking me if I had plans, cuz if not I could go to their house and chill with them.

   So the mission is a bit different just cuz now the rules are starting to change. We are having a journal now that I will be able to print out and save and keep, so that will be nice. I'll do it as much as I can to show you guys.

   This week I had a really great spiritual experience teaching a girl, who then came to church yesterday. She asked about life after death and we read Alma 40, 11-14 with her, and explained about paradise and prison. She understood really well, and then applied it. She said wait, last time you guys talked about the doctrine of Christ, faith repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end. We said yeah. She said, are you saying that the only things we have to do are these five to make it to paradise? I said exactly. She said, it’s so simple!! I said yeah, so that means the only people who don’t go there don’t go cuz they choose not to go. She said, it’s true. I love the feeling that comes when I can see that they really understood :) It makes the mission worth it. We are working with her to be baptized this month.Until next week :)
Elder Baldwin

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