Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

  This week we did not baptize. Yes I am still the Senior Zone Leader and yes I am still getting along really well with my companion. He is awesome, I don't even have to worry about anything. This week we only taught 12. We have been trying to adjust to the new living circumstances. We moved in with the assistants and secretaries, and so now there are 6 elders living in a house with just one bathroom. Not too effective. So someone always ends up way late to getting ready. We also live in the center of the city, while our area is way out in the boondocks. That makes it difficult to get there and back on time cuz of the busses. We are looking for a house in our area, and we found a really good one, but that the real estate office is being really hard to deal with. They don't want to accept the churches contract, and they only will let us rent the apartment if we have 2 people (I’m not sure how to call them in English) who say they will pay if the residing person doesn't. And they won’t accept the churches word and credit score as proof that they will pay. I heard that today Sister Cascardi will go there and some heads will roll lol. So we will see what happens. So that has been our lives. We have been having meeting with the bishop as well to plan for when this ward receives another dupla of missionaries. So it's been a lot of bureaucratic work instead of work work. But this week we will repent of that. After seeing the zone get 0 in this week we will do divisions and work like crazy in our area to find baptisms. That's a lot of President Cascardi's focus, that we baptize and especially men above the age of 18. So they can be holders of the Melchizedek priesthood and help establish the church here.

All the members here were sad to see the last elders go as well. The last elder that was here, Elder Walker, was here for 9 months, so it was a lot of the same feelings. But the ward has already warmed up to us and loves us now. We are trying now to get some activities going to excite them and help in missionary work.
      Alight, I love you. Have a good week  :)
Lots of Love,
Elder Baldwin

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