Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

   So yes I have met the new mission president. He came to our house to look at it and talk with us. We also had a conference with the whole mission. It was really cool. He is a really good guy, really excited for starting the mission here. He changed the focus from families to men, people who can have the Melchizedek Priesthood. So, still a bit on families. He wants to establish the church here, because there are so few wards and stakes. He's a good president. Yes I will probably be with this comp until the end. We will see next week. I found out though that I will be one of the first groups leaving the new mission! Only 3 other missionaries will leave with me. So that’s exciting. The first last interviews with the president!

   That hasn't happened yet, the i-pad thing. I think it will in America though. Not sure if it ever will here . We would be robbed every couple minutes.

   We had a baptism yesterday! Samuel’s sister. It was really good cuz that makes three weeks in a row now that we are baptizing. Also a family went to church that will be married this week and we will baptize them. Really cool. We are excited and it is making the bishop really excited as well with all the success we are having.

   Only one other area in the zone baptized, so not too good in the zone. The new president wants every area to baptize every week, so really high goals. We have a lot to do for the zone to reach that level.

   This week was stressful cuz of all the stuff that was happening but now it will all be normal work. We still do lots of tracting here in Brazil, partly because there aren't near enough members to just do social media and stuff like that. And door to door still works here. Samuel and his sister were found knocking on doors.

   Alright, sorry it’s so short this week. There are lots of changes and I was reading about all of them. Next week I’ll be more organized and give more time to you guys. I love you!
Elder Baldwin

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