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Monday, July 22, 2013


   Alright... so a lot of stuff has happened this week. Lots of crazy things. So transfer was Wednesday, and I found out Tuesday. President opened up a new zone in the city, and I am the Zone Leader who is opening it. I have a new companion, because my last companion is the zone leader senior of the old zone that I left. We have a lot of wards from the same zone, but president overhauled everything. So every single area in my zone is receiving a new dupla (opening the area) except for one area, and this one area the elder did a surgery on his toe and can’t work for almost two weeks. So yeah, fun stuff. Luckily, we baptized this week. I am with a new Elder Named Elder Ludgero, a Brazilian but actually looks really American. He speaks English pretty good so I am helping him perfect it. We moved to a new ward called Manchester. The ward is good, and I already knew lots of the members through my divisions with the District leader that was here. We got here and found a man to be baptized immediately, so we baptized this week :) This got the ward all excited, but especially our Ward Mission Leader. He was a little down in the dumps cuz the last dupla didn't know how to get him excited. All he really needed was a little love. Elder Ludgero is really good with exciting the members, so we are doing really great together. In our zone there are two districts now. One super far away in two other cities completely separate, and one here in the city. The district here in the city is us and 3 duplas of sisters. But what, who is the district leader? You guessed it, us. So we are zone and district leaders at the same time. It's pretty exhausting. But we are thankful for the workload. I am at least. It doesn't give me time to get trunky ;) So I’ll die good here.

  Alright, a bit more about the new president. He seems more fatherly than authoritative, Like President Lima was. I am very grateful for Pres Lima, because I learned so much about the Priesthood and revelation and the huge focus on basic doctrine. I needed that. I had never realized how much I didn't know. Pres. Cascardi is more focused on getting us animated to grow. Pres. Lima was more strengthen. We already had lots of stakes and wards, but they were small. Now, Pres. Cascardi is growth and division. We want more stakes here. It's good, but it’s like a change in the presidency of the church. It’s the same, just a different vision. The lord knows who he needs at what times.

     In terms of spiritual experiences, this week the only one I really had was with a family not in my ward. We went to interview some baptisms in an area called Leopoldina. The missionaries are teaching a great family who just needs to get marred. Big surprise there. But while they are waiting they have already gotten their kids to want to be baptized, and so we were there for them. It was so cool, because each one went in to the interview with doubts and not wanting to be baptized, but came out wanting to. I think it's one of the best moments on the mission. Interview someone or teach someone who doesn't really want to, but comes out after being spiritually strengthened, understanding a bit more about Baptism and what god expects. Helping others repent, I guess just sums it up. It’s a good feeling. But because of all the craziness we didn't teach too much. Thankfully, the ward is crazy and helps a lot, and alone they brought two investigators to church. We will this week go after some people who the last elders left to try and baptize them. Until next week!
Elder Baldwin

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