Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today was transfers so I spent half my time looking at all the changes made in the Quadra of the mission. Interesting. I'm still here in Madureira with Elder Sousa, so nothing too new or crazy to report. I don't think Elder Sousa is very happy. He has almost never stayed more than 2 transfers in an area, and this will be his third here so he is kind of tired of the area. It's different, because the area limits are tiny. We can walk across the area in about a half hour. Way diferent than Cabo Frio lol. So we have to focus more in smaller neighborhoods and areas. I like it but he is tired already. Anyway, this transfer passed by so fast. This week was a really tough week. We were focusing the whole week on trying to baptize these two young men who had come to church last sunday, but it was very difficult to find them at home. As a result we didn't get to focus on finding new investigators or people to teach very much. Because we didn't find news, no one came to church yesterday, and because the two young men were so hard to find at home they didn't want to get baptized yesterday. It was a difficult week and let's just say I'm glad it's p-day lol.

Last night though we had a really good lesson with this guy we are teaching. We have never been able to have a sit down lesson with him, just in the front of his house, but he is married (legally thankfully) and has interest in the church. His name is Adriano. He told us he read about the plan of salvation, and started reading the book of mormon. He wanted to know how we have the book of mormon so we gave him a basic version of the restoration. He got real interested after that. He said we had to mark a time that we could sit down with him and explain more, because he really wanted to know. That made me feel so good inside. It's so hard to find people who are genuinely interested, and actually understand the messages. We want to invite them to come to church this sunday and to be baptized once they feel that confirming feeling from the Holy Ghost. It's a complete family so we are really excited!

Haha, no mom we still aren't getting winter here. At least not the winter you are thinking of. Winter here means a bit chilly when the sun goes down, and everyone pulls out jackets and complains about how cold it is. I still sweat even when the sun goes down. This place is miserably hot and humid.

I'm getting more used to being the Senior now I think, we just have to really start finding people who want to get baptized. That's our only weak point is finding new right now, and people who will listen to us. Everyone here thinks that every church leads to God and it doesn't matter where you are cuz everyone has the Bible. It's really annoying.

Anyways Dad, as well next week tell em about some of your investigators that were really difficult to teach, what their doubts and problems were, and how the Spirit helped you help them. I'm hoping it will help me reading about some of your experiences as well. Alright I love you dad and mom, and I hope you guys have a nice week sending off your last child to college :)

Elder Baldwin

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