Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thanks for the prayers this week... they worked! We baptized a little kid named Marlon. He is the little brother of a recent convert. It was tough because we had to teach him and explain to his parents about the baptism and all that. But he has been to church 5 times, and came to me a few weeks ago saying he wants to be baptized. This week we realized that for him. It was also very special because it was my companions first baptism! I'll see if I can send a picture. I'm also attaching a couple other fun pictures. One is the nutella can I left in the microwave too long. Remember that? lol. Also a street sign I found for an apartment complex on the street... I think you'll like it mom lol.
Next week we are planning on baptizing Marlon's little brother, Maycon. He was supposed to be baptized yesterday with Marlon but he visited his sister a city away and wasn't there Sunday. It was a dissapointment but he still wants to be baptized. It will be great for him. We also have found a few more investigators that we are working with. We are going to try and help them prepare for a baptism on the 12th. We are finally having sucess :) so again, thankyou for your prayers.

   Mom, send my birthday wishes for Draegen and Andrew. Grandma told me they are coming up here soon.

Thank you again for everything :) And say congrats to Jameson and Zack for me, and Elder Stucki when you see him :) I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

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