Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

This last week we baptized his little brother as well, and the first one was confirmed. Yeah they are interested in the Gospel, but it's more something cool for them right now. I think though that with time they will grow to like it more. At least they have their sister to help them out. Haha yeah in Cabo Frio there was a kopenhagen street as well, but in portuguese it is spelled Copenhague. Pretty funky. And Danish is Dinamarquês. yeah, everyone asks me to say something in Danish so I usually just say something little and dumb like I like bread or something. I've forgotten most of my danish by now so... lol. It's tough.

I'm feeling pretty baked here. It's been in the 30's this week. There is just no break from this awful heat here. And in the 20's native rio people start getting cold. So weird.

Today we had interviews with President Lima. That's why I am writing so late. In interviews President Lima told me how he wants me to work the area, and specifically focus on families. He said that working with the members is the key. If you want the ward to grow and have baptisms, you need to have members in your lessons. Question... when was the last time you guys participated in a lesson with the missionaries? Something to think about... lol. It was hard because we had interviews, and immediately after we ran to our house to clean it because they did house checks, and then we had to come here to do email. So literally my entire P-Day went down the toilet. I didn't even get a chance to go pick up Rebekka's package that I am supposed to. She wrote something wrong or something and now i have to pay 120 bucks to pull it out. That's about 60 american dollars. Do not claim expensive stuff! Any package over 60 bucks and I'll have to pay through the nose to pull it out.

District Meetings are fine, the Zone Leaders are in our district as well so that's exciting. We get council and burned from two sets of leaders at once lol. jk we dn't get burned too often. I'm not that bad of a missionary. But they are usually about an hour and a half and consist of learning and applying something from Preach My Gospel and doing practices like baptismal invite practices or something. Ours is tomorrow.

Tell Tyler and Linda thanks so much for the package!! I got it today and it's awesome. And let them know that I have already been to the ward where their friend Paula lives down here. It's a cool ward.

I have mentioned PRP to my companion but haven't tried teaching him yet. Oh, and do you remember Elder Mimary? he was my third companion who I taught PRP to. He is now a very powerful Zone Leader Senior in a place called Campo Grande. They had the second most baptisms in the mission there with my zone being #1 ;) but he told me he still does PRP frequently the other day when I saw him. That made me feel good.

Alright I'm short on time. I think this computer counts seconds faster than normal.... but I love you guys and hope the best for you :)

Elder Baldwin

P.S.S. we have lots of families to teach this week. Pray for us to find success!

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