Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

This week was probably one of the worst on my mission, lol. We walked a lot and did not get anything done. We lost both of our pronciple investigators, young men who were investigating the church but decided to stop. Adriano and his wife are very hard to get ahold of and we haven't found a chance to pass there yet, cuz they are never home. No one that we talked to or did contacts with wanted to hear about our message. It was a trying week. But enough of the complaining lol.

We found a family that seems very interesting. They were a reference from an investigator that we taught. They both are from a different church and were used to living life with lots of money. Recently, the husband has gotten ill and cannot work, and the mom needs to take care of him and so she cannot work, so they moved here to our area to a much smaller house and cut alot of the things they used to have. A nice humbled family :). They know a lot about the bible and have a huge love for God and Jesus Christ. We taught them the restoration and they understood very well everything about dispensations and the need for Joseph Smith to be called a prophet again. While we were teaching the mom even said wow, it makes sense. They promised to read the book of mormon. We haven't been able to teach them again, and we are a little afraid because they were visited by the pastors from their church, so we will see how that went on wednesday. But when we saw them briefly a different day they said they were reading the BofM and thought it interesting, and we would talk more on wednesday. I really hope the spirit was able to work with them.

They were our principle focus this week. A little sad because we taught so little this week, I feel like we did nothing. haha, Elder Sousa is fine I think. He likes the area he just doesn't like the fact that it's so small. But I don't think it's having a negative impact on his work here. We just need to regroup and rethink how we will work with more effectivness and more Spirit. We have already made plans to change this week around.

Do you want an actual map map dad? Or like a digital one? Yeah I can send home a map. It shouldn't be too hard. Alright some addresses. We work mainly on these streets

Rua Maria José
Travessa Maria josé
Rua Carlos Xavier
Travessa Carlos Xavier
Rua Teles
Rua Ana Teles
Rua Pinto Teles
Rua Dona Clara
Estrada Intendente Magalhães
Rua Domingos Lopes
Rua Capitão Menezes

And there are a few others lol. These are all in the bairros (neighborhoods) of Campinho, Madureira, Oswaldo Cruz, and Praça Seca.

I'm glad you guys got to try some Brazilian food. It was probably really really well made, better than normally here (probably). But still, cool. Did you guys eat at the bbq where they cut of pieces of meat on those long skewers? That's actually pretty common here. It's sweet.

Alright well, have fun you two all alone now. Let me know how it is without any kids in the house lol. I bet it'll be weird. You guys'll have more time to study the scriptures! lol. Also there is a big focus in the church about Family History right now. Maybe you guys could go to the Family History Center on a date night or something and do it together? I don't know. Idea. Alright I love you :) Have a good week.

Elder Baldwin

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