Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Alright where to begin. Hunp day I celebrated by cutting a tie, and we bought a pizza and sang happy birthday,lol. I also made a devils food cake. It was cool. I bought a 1 candle ad put it in the pizza. But we didn't realize it was a trick candle! it wouldn't blow out lol. Finally when it blew out, 1 minute later it lit again! it was funny lol. I finally stuck it under the sink and ran it. That killed it.

We were able to teach Joana again but since the 2nd time no. We are supposed to visit her tonight. I hope she has been reading the Book of Mormon. We will try tonight as well talk with her husband, see what happens. They are a really cool family so I'm praying lots for them.

   In my first year dad, I was able to read the Book of Mormon 4 times. I admit though, Ii read parts of d&c, jesus the christ, and the bible as well lol. But I always tried to stop myself and read the book of mormon. Now I started Jesus the Christ and will try and read it through to kill my curiosity.

Yeah you are right it's true satan always does that. And he shows people what they will "lose" if they are baptized. Countless investigators have not been baptized because they would have to give up soccer on sundays, beer, and women. It's annoying when people choose these things over salvation. I just wanna shake them and say "why don't you realize!!" but that's how it is I guess. I'm sure God says that about me sometimes as well lol.

Not much to report this week. Tomorrow we have a zone meeting again. President brought them back finally. Now we will have them every month. We taught lots of lessons (not lots but more than the past few weeks, 12) but not many new investigators and no one really interested. We try and find a family every day but it's annoying when they give a fake address or a time when they know they won't be home. But we continue pressing forward with faith that God is preparing someone. We just have to find them. Alright I love you dad and mom, and hope you have a good week. Até mais caras, Tchau!

Elder Baldwin

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