Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

This week has been miserably hot. We have been hitting 104 daily here. Not cool. All the cockroaches are coming out on the streets now lol, and sometimes we get a surprise squish while we are walking. Also the mosquitos are getting fierce again. Ah well.... it was good cooler weather while it lasted. Sweet pictures from the beach, It would feel nice to go for a swim right now lol. Shirt and tie is not a good outfit for summer here. Everyone gives us weird looks on the street, but it's a great conversation starter lol.

I think one thing we need to do for investigators is to help them understand about authority and one true church is just teach simply, and boldly testify. On saturday night we taught a new family, Simone and Elias, and Simone loves to talk. She talked for a good while before we could get back to the lesson, and it was Elder Sousa's 'turn' to teach about christ and the church and the apostasy. He didn't want to drag it out, so he just said everything so boldy, immediately declaring that our church was the only true one on the face of the earth, and saying everything very simply and direct. I had never seen him teach so boldly before. It was really awesome. Simone was so intrigued that she asked us when she could come to church. We told her "tomorrow" lol. She came yesterday too, that's the awesome thing. And she quickly became friends with a couple of other women in the ward and absolutely loved church. She even pulled out a notebook in the middle of Gospel principles and began taking notes on the teacher's lesson. It was awesome. Her husband didn't come because he works on sunday, but it won't be hard to get him to not work because he is the boss of his own mechanic shop. It's just a matter of convincing him to pray about the Sabbath day to recieve a testimony of it. but they are an awesome family. One probleminha...(tiny problem) they aren't married. It always gets the best of them. But, she said they had already entered into the process before we got there. This is because she has always loved God and wanted to live right before him. So it's just a matter of waiting I hope. So that was our miracle of the week. We were pretty happy. In the middle of sacrament meeting she leans over to me and whispers "do you guys believe in continuing revelation?" I said yes. She said "wow that's so cool!!" lol.

I think we are doing alright with finding. We at least are getting a few new people to consistently teach every week, and lots of families too. We are teaching about 4 families right now. It's just our teaching that needs to get better I think. We need to teach more focused on their needs, rather than just vomit information to them. Preach My Gospel is full of this so no worries there, we just need to study and apply it. The language is coming along very well. I am fluent.
Depending on who you ask I even trick people into thinking i'm from brazil, or at least argentina. But my appearance and my name always give me away. Everyone asks me if I'm german. Depending on the day I switch between saying i'm american or danish ;) lol. Dual citizenship, it's great lol. Anyways, I hope you guys have a good week. We are gonna be here, baking in the sun. Say hi to everyone for me! :) I love you.
Elder Baldwin

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