Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012


I will have to write this letter a bit different because this computer is really bad. New internet Café, new computers to get used to, lol. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was an alright birthday. We had 3 lessons on my birthday, nothing too special but for this ward that is actually quite a bit. This ward is used to a slower pace of missionary work, in other words they have had some of the lazy ones. The ward frequency is only about 60 people on average, although on Sunday we had 68. We need to animate the members as well as find and bring people to church. It's going to be tough in this ward but I have faith we can help the members here and the ward grow. We made a goal to leave the ward this transfer with an average frequency of 70, through reactivation and baptisms. I want more though, to be honest. My companion is Elder Afonso de Sousa, or just Elder Sousa. He is a pretty cool guy, we actually got here in the field the same day. It's different being the senior because you get to make all the decisions, but at the same time the fault is all yours as well. This week we focused a lot on finding new investigators, so we did a lot of contacts. We did more than the required 140, blowing it out of the water with 162! My companion said he had never even gotten 140 on his mission yet, lol. But it looks like the best work here is done with references. When the members really trust the missionaries enough to give them their friends, it really does work out. I counted the other day and I have only ever baptized one contact! The rest have been references! So I encourage you to find someone to give to the missionaries this week as a reference. Preferably a family, J.

Please pass this message along to everyone:

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes from you guys. It was a nice cold rainy day here in Brazil on my birthday, but that's fine I like it that way :). Again thank you for all your well wishes :) -Elder Daniel Baldwin

I still haven't done too much to celebrate myself, but I’m thinking of making those brownies you sent me :) It'll be delicious, lol. I think we actually have 7 favelas in our area, at least that is what Elder Sousa says. It could be 5. But no that is all our area. Well thank you for everything guys I love you all and hope you have a good week. It's finally cold and cloudy here lol. With love,

Elder Baldwin

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