Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Well, we had a baptism yesterday of one of Suellen's friends. Her name is Jocimara. It was a really nice baptismal service with one of the boys in the ward baptizing her who she was friends with. Lots of people went for a Sunday night baptism, and I could really feel the spirit there. We are now gonna work with her friends and family to keep her firm. Today we are actually going to be working for a bit. We are going to one of the longest cities in our area away from here, because there is a girl there who wants to be baptized. She has already met all the requirements so we are gonna go out there and baptize her in a member’s pool. Bishop said it was cool. So we have another baptism today as well, lol.

We found a new family (married legally already!) from a return missionary in our ward. They are relatives of his. We have taught them twice now and they really love the lessons, and are interested in the Book of Mormon and our claims to priesthood authority. They understand really well the messages we have and actually read when we ask them too. Pray for them to receive an answer this week. Their baptismal date is the 24th because they need to go to church a few times, and this week won't work because it is the dedication of the Brazil Menaus Temple and we will be able to watch it :).

Me and my companion are still cool. This is the first one that I will stay with for 2 transfers since my trainer. Everyone else has just been for one transfer. But we are having comp inventory when we need it and the days are flying by pretty fast, thanks to all these baptisms we are having as well so I think our relationship is pretty good :).

I'm having trouble losing weight cuz of A├žai and Rice down here, lol. I'm losing just very slowly. I think I’ve lost about 10-12lbs since day 1.

Well, thank you for your prayers and your advice. I hope you guys have a good week. Lots of Love!

Elder Baldwin

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