Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

I am in a wonderful ward that helps a lot in the work, it is just difficult because the area is so big. By car, to get from one side to the other side of the area is about 2 1/2 hours. It's big.... lol.

This week went by slow but fast at the same time. Slow because the Assistants came to fix some things in our zone. Our whole zone did not get a baptism for the first three weeks of May, so the Assistants came to see if there was something going on or if we just needed some help. They helped us get our baptisms situated and mark some others. So E. Peterson and I baptized Suellen yesterday! Tatiane didn't make it but Suellen was baptized and confirmed yesterday. She has also led us to her mom and two other friends who we have already marked dates with to baptize next week, so pray for them :) And thank you for your prayers, I really felt them and I'm sure Suellen did as well.

Today is transfer day. I found out I’m staying with Elder Peterson here in Cabo Frio. Honestly I have no idea when I might be made DL, Trainer, or even Senior. Whenever President Lima talks about how he does transfers, he says he always does them 100% with prayer and spiritual revelation on where people need to go. So, I just have to trust that the Lord will know when I’m ready for more responsibility. No, I still study the language but I understand and speak it fluently. I'm just expanding my vocabulary now. I think Gospel wise I'm going to start really studying the Plan of Salvation good. I have noticed it is one of my weakest lessons, so it could use some study and fine tuning especially in my understanding of it. So if you have articles or scriptures or anything about it that would be sweet :). I'm writing in my journal more frequently now. Some days I miss cuz I go on splits and whatnot, but I try and abridge what happened past days in the next day. So it's not perfect but it's coming along.

A spiritual experience I had is when Suellen's mom and friends came to watch her baptism. It gave them the desire to be baptized themselves, and we will be working a lot with them this week to realize that goal.

Also, tell Tanner I met a professional Soccer player here on the mission. His name is Rodolfo Rezende Gorneiro. Tell him to look him up, and ask me how I met him.

Love you all!

Elder Baldwin

P.S. is someone making a list of movies for me to see when i get back? Put MIB 3 on there and the Avengers!! Also any other cool ones :)

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