Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thanks for the letter :) Sounds like you guys have started having fun with your newly commenced summers. We did not have a baptism the last week :(…first time in 4 weeks. But we are preparing a couple people. We went to 4 family nights last week and have 5 more scheduled for next week! Turns out, you can do a family night whenever you want in the week, so we try and mark one for every night, lol. It's great because it's a lesson with a member, they bring their friends so they already have people in the church helping them out, and there is food. Good food, lol. So we like doing family nights. Just today we have two marked and we are gonna have to end P-Day early to get to both of them. So we are doing pretty good here :).

Be sure to thank Linda and Tyler, Branden, Andrew, and Melissa very much for me. That money will not go to waste, let them know :) And I am very grateful for it.

Alright so this week we spent most of the time doing a challenge by our mission president. He challenged all the missionaries to do 140 contacts this week in a dupla, or 70 personal ones. I got 75! A contact is a person you stop on the street and talk about the gospel and try and get an address from. Some days are harder to get the full 10 you are supposed to do because of P-Day or meetings, but this week I went the extra mile and succeeded. My Comp Elder Peterson even said one night he woke up and I was talking in my sleep, doing contacts and asking inspired questions in Portuguese! I thought that was pretty funny, lol. Send my love to everyone.

Elder Baldwin

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