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Monday, July 2, 2012

We are trying to contact the new contacts we found. But we don't get to teach many of them, just because references are much more important (being from members) and we have been contacting quite a few. This week we contacted 11, and have more to contact for next week. The family I have been teaching, Vangela and Jackson, finally found a cheap and fast way to get married, so they have finally begun the process. If all goes well they will be married and baptized on the 21st of July. This is next transfer so I’m hoping I’m still here for that. Transfers are next week, so I’ll know by then.

So this week we decided to show that it wasn't just a fluke last week that we made so many contacts, so we decided to really focus on contacts. We didn't perfectly make 20 contacts per day, but yesterday we made 43 in a single day, so we ended with 140 contacts. 70 per person. It was a really good day, especially since we were able to get in a lesson and baptismal invite as well.

We just merged another house into ours so we have all of the other houses stuff. There weren't any missionaries there though so it's all ours. So all new desks, stove, and couches. The only problem is the organization. So we are gonna finish that up today. Otherwise I think it's just relax. Next Monday is transfer P-Day, so I’ll know then what's happening. But I think I’ll stay with Elder Peterson. The new chapel opens up this month (The 21st) so I’m not sure the president would transfer us now that we are so close. But we will see.

Haha, funny thing about dreams. The other day I dreamt that I was going home!! I was in the airport and dad couldn't wait to see me so he came running into the passengers only area when I was getting off, lol. It was really funny. It made me way trunky though cuz I woke up and realized how much time I still have. But it's ok, it only lasted a moment.

Our weather has been pretty terrible for a winter. It feels like summer here! The members say it is unusually hot for this time of year. Normally it's like rain and clouds all day about now. They say it should get that way here in july and august. I guess we will see. But it feels like it's around 80's or so in the day. The only nice thing is the nights. It gets pretty cold for nighttime, so that’s good. But there is not a cloud in the sky. Perfect beach weather, and here has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Brazil. People prefer the beaches here to CopaCabana, because the sand is white and the scenery is much more beautiful. I know Nic would love it here lol. B├║zios (in my area still) even has good golfing! Too bad I don't have any clubs.

We just received a couple families from the ward to reactivate and complete, so we are gonna go visit them this next week. No baptisms again this week, but we had a single woman come to church with her three small children, and she has agreed for baptism on the 8th (next Sunday) so we will be praying for her. Her name is Rita. It looks like we have to help her with a couple things in the word of wisdom first though. So your guys's prayers are appreciated. :)

I didn't tell you last week but I finished the Book of Mormon again on the mission, and started again. Today I read from 2Nephi 16 to 28. I really liked 25 and 26, lots of stuff in there about priest craft and things that other churches (especially here) do. Then 27 was about the Book of Mormon coming forth and Joseph Smith. I just really love 2 Nephi, every time I read it I learn something new. It’s one of the more doctrinated chapters of the BofM. The Seer Nephi had some great prophecies. I'd say the only books that compare are 3rd Nephi, and parts of Mormon and Moroni.

I'm attaching a photo of our family baptism we had a few weeks ago to show you guys. Also the baptism on knees, lol. That was cool. Well, I love you guys. Have a good week :)

Elder Baldwin

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