Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey! So on our P-Day we had a baptism. We baptized a girl named Tatiane way out in Araruama, so we didn't get a P-Day last week. But we got a baptism. We baptized her in a member’s pool, but the water to his house cut out when it was only halfway full!!! So we did the baptism on our knees, lol. It was a really cool experience. We had to do it twice cuz her knee kept popping up out of the water. I'll try and send pictures.

Yesterday we didn't have church, but I stayed in the Chapel way out in MacaĆ© the whole day. We got to see the dedication of the Menaus Brazil Temple!!! I stayed for all three sessions. Elder Uchtdorf was there, Elder Cook, and a few 70's. It was really cool cuz I’ve never seen a temple dedication before.

We found a family this last week where the husband is a member but the wife and daughter are not. They have gone to church with him for a really long time, like 15 years, but no one ever challenged them really to be baptized. We challenged them to be ready for baptism by this Sunday, the 17th. They accepted, so we are going to be working with them a lot this week. Pray for them? :)

Well, I’m not sure what else to say you guys didn't send questions to answer, lol. I hope all is well back home and Tanner is getting ready for graduation right? Alright, I send my love and hope you guys have a great week. The computer isn't letting me attach the photo so I’ll try next week :) Love you!!

Elder Baldwin

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