Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Here it's actually cooling down. The seasons are flipped here so we are getting ready for winter, but in the summer it's usually about 40 degrees celsius, which is about 100 in farenheit. But the humidity is terrible here. It's brazil, lol. I'm just glad I’m not serving in the Amazon. There it's like 90 in the winter, with even more humidity! They eat a ton of rice here in Brazil, and rice sticks to the bones, lol, so it's hard to lose weight. If I don't eat a lot at lunch with the sisters in the ward they get mad at me, and then don't give references. Just kidding, but they do get sad.

So the language is going really well. People tell me I still speak with a small accent but I understand and speak fluently. I still read slowly but I understand everything I read (except for some bible words.) In terms of P-Days and beautiful places, when I can I take pictures, but President Lima has really tried squashing the whole missionaries going places on P-Days. It's a little annoying but I try to follow so I don't go too many places, just once in a while. But yes I am taking many pictures. I'm not sure what pictures I have already sent you but I’ll send you one. It's of my old district at a beach called Praia Grande, it's really big and the sand is like white.

Tell Uncle Tyler and Aunt Linda that I did receive their letter and I will send off my response here today or tomorrow. I love getting letters from them, I think it's so cool, and I try always responding. Let them know I am very grateful for their help :).

I guess I’m a bit more comfortable. The language barrier is torn down and I'm starting to get into the rhythm of missionary life. In two more transfers I’ll have a year on the mission.

Let Tanner know that PRP is a really useful tool and he should continue doing it to spiritually prepare, and I would just challenge him to read as much church material as he can before the mission. I know it's not a huge desire of his write now, but he has no idea how much it will help on the mission, and how much he will want to read that stuff while he is on the mission. Our books are very limited on the mission, we are not even allowed to read study manuals. Just the mission library, church magazines, and Preach My Gospel.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good week. We have two people preparing for baptisms this next Sunday, so please pray for Swellen and Tatiane to accept and prepare to be baptized.

I love you and thank you for everything.

Elder Baldwin

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