Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
Sounds like you guys had an alright week. Wow, the new James Bond movie is already out? I hope Tanner is making that list for me.... lol. We are starting to hear christmas songs in the stores and sing christmas songs in the hymnbook every day. It's weird cuz it's so hot..... But still a litle bit of homesickness.

This week took away the homesickness though, cuz we worked our butts off. The President of the relief society for the stake is also the owner of a school in the area. She had an activity in the chapel with her school, and me and Elder L. Alves went around asking people if they would like us to deliver the Joy to the World DVD to people's houses. We had about 18 people sign for the DVD. We already started contacting these people and it is giving us lots of results. This week we had 18 lessons, 15 new investigators, 16 references contacted, 5 people at church, and 4 baptismal dates marked. We marked a baptismal date with a family who came yesterday and felt the spirit so strong they began weeping. It's an older couple who we have been teaching and they finally came yesterday. They both agreed to be baptized on the ninth! We are very excited. Also, some members brought some of their friends to church. Two boys named Matheus and Lucas. Both young men. They really liked church and asked us how they could be baptized. They came to us and asked! We marked with them on the 16th because they were new and we still hadn't taught them anything yet. But It's really starting to pick up here in Madureira, after a litle bit of a calm. If you want you can pray for the family who will be baptized this week, Vera and Luiz. Unfortunatley Bruna was not baptized. Her mom heard some stuff about the church and got all evasive. We will try and pass there this week to see if we can save that baptism. But yeah, lots of good stuff happening this week :)

That's so awesome that Rachel will go to Taiwan!! Wow, I think that will be really good for her as well. That's so cool!

I still havent gotten the christmas packages yet. I think tomorrow my ZL's will go to the mission council and get it for me. But if not, there is a zone conference on the 14th that President will bring it to. So no worries.

Thanks for giving permission for Elder Mimary stay if everything works out. In response to your question a few weeks ago about picking me up, there presents a few problems. 1, who all would come and pick me up? Also, if Tanner comes, will he have his call yet? I will come home in August, so he could have his call already. If he has his call, he is not gonna be allowed to leave the country, especially if he has to get a visa for out of the country. That's my thoughts on that. I still would like to come home by plane and meet you guys there (it will be weird if you guys come. You will want to do lots of stuff like go to the beach and I will still be an Elder and can't do lots of stuff) so I don't know. I would rather come back being a normal person again lol, and do these things with you guys. What do you think? And also, reading my patriarchal blessing, it stresses al ot in way of education and getting a good education. I've been thinking of coming back early august or sometime to be able to go to BYU in september. But I haven't decided yet.

One more thing. Can you guys do a search for me if you can find this kind of milk? It's a powdered milk substitute for children who have allergies. It's called NEOCATE and by the group DANONE fabricated my SHS INTERNATIONAL LTD. The company is ADVANCED MEDICAL NUTRITION. There is a sister in the ward who has a daughter who is allergic to almost everything, and has to drink this stuff. It's really expensive here in Brazil and she wanted to see if you guys had access to it and how much it was, to see if it was worth it to ask from the States. If you guys could just see if it exists there, if there is a store that sells it or something, and how much it is? Thanks.

Alright, I love you Mom and I love you Dad.  Hope you have a great week :)

Elder Baldwin

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