Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm doing alright. Haha, Dad is right the Winter weather is over. It's only been mid 80's? It feels like much hotter. Anyways, this week was a bit better. We were able to visit many of those references from the activity of pass along cards. We still have about 40 left to visit though lol, so this week is still going to be busy. We didn't have anyone come to church this week, sadly, but we are making plans on how we can change that. Elder Cerda and I are really trying to change some of the results we have been having these past few weeks.
Wow, you guys went to Apple Hill? That's cool. I miss real apple juice lol. The only thing I have found here is apple juice powder. Juice mix, ya know. Anyway, I also miss Apple Jelly lol. Jelly is rare here in Brazil. Almost no one wants it so it is expensive. Not a very demanded item.
What happened with the visas, I got my call literally in the time when visas stopped going through. Lots of stuff since than has happened, including Obama liberating more visas for them to come to the United States, so Brazil liberated more visas for Americans. Now it is much easier for the church, who have a man on the inside who helps them. (This guys name is, literally, Moroni. He is a member who works there lol.) So now all the new misionaries coming into Brazil get their visas really fast and without delay. No one has passed through The MTC in Provo for awhile.
This week we found a couple of new families with whom we will be trying to work. No one as firm or as interested yet as were Marcio and Joana. Actually we passed by them the other day and they said they were still interested in recieving the lessons, they just got scared cuz the baptism was so close and their pastor was talking bad about our church and stuff. We will try and see if there is still any chance with them. But we are starting to get other investigators as well to come to church and recieve the lessons. These references really helped. How long has it been since you guys have given a pass along card?
Haha, Brazil is weird with Halloween and Thanksgiving. They technically don't celebrate either. Neither is a real holiday here, but everyone knows that it is in the states so sometimes they dress up or something like that. For example, the church had a dance this last saturday that was a dress up fantasy dance, like our halloween. But that's about it. No special plans for today. We are gonna measure our fingers to buy a CTR ring, and Elder Cerda will sleep lol. He likes to do that on P-Day. But other than this no. Thanks for the pictures by the way, it looks really pretty with snow and all that. I miss snow. It's so hot here.... Only one more summer!!! lol. Transfers are in two weeks, so we will see what happens. Friday I had my first interviews as a District Leader! One of the groups in the district married and baptized a family. It was so cool, my first interview for baptism and it's a family. They were baptized and married on saturday and confirmed on sunday. The whole district became happy. So far they were the only other ones who have had success in my district. The Zone Leaders are working on a couple of people, but no one yet.
I took notes on your suggestions on what I should do in District Meeting. I'll put some of them into practice this week and see what happens. Thank you Dad.
So anyways that is what's happening. It's hot, I'm sweating like crazy, and am envying Tanner who is probably in the snow right now lol. But everything is going good here so far. What has been going on there? Do you guys have plans for Halloween? Alright I hope you guys have a good week. Let me know if the Giants won! Tchau!

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