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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,

So my new companion is called Elder L. Alves. He is from São Paulo, the same stake as a former companion of mine. He is a convert of only about 2 years and has been on the mission for only about 8 months. He is a really cool guy, chill personality and we get along well. He is actually a really good missionary and teaches well. I think we do good together.

This week I did more intervierws for baptism for my zone leaders. They were finally able to baptize a man yesterday named Michel. It was cool watching him get baptized, knowing I did the interview. They will try and help his wife get baptized as well. She is strong in a different church so let's see how that goes. The other companionship in my district was having companion issues this week, so I did a division with them and was able to smooth things over. I taught them a couple techniques in how to speak with each other and how to humble themselves to sometimes do or hear what the other has to say. It was a good division. Later they told me it really helped and they haven't had problems since. I hope they stay like that.

In our area we haven't been having too much success in terms of baptism. No one came to church and it's hard getting second visits with some of he people we teach. People here are used to visits from Evangelical churches, who come, do their shindig, and leave not coming back at times for many months. When we want to come back in the same week people retreat and don't want anything more. But my companion and I are doing some practices in how to help these people understand our purpose better, for why we are there and stuf like that. We will put that into practice this week, and I hope to see a difference.

Wow Dad sounds like your talk went over well lol. What did you say about me? Alright I'll read those scriptures and get back to you on verse 17. It has been a few weeks since I have read my patriarchal blessing. I'll go and read I again this week as well.

Thanks for the recipe mom, it will be a blessing. I'm trying to get together all of your recipes and use them here on the mission. Maybe I'll make a book lol. I will also get recipes of brazilian desserts and stuff and bring them back to make home. Today the Zone Leaders are coming over to talk with us and we are making french bread pizza and mousse of passion fruit. It's really good stuff lol.

Alright I'll try not to be trunky this thursday but no guarantees lol. I'm excited to get your packages and see what they have. Did you remember everything? Thanks for sending them :)

Yesterday we taught a woman named Tatiana for the first time. She accepted baptism for December the 2nd already. She has trouble at times understanding what we say but she has huge desires to learn more about God and Prophets and His word. She was already saying at the beginning of the leson before we invited her that she wanted to come and visit the church. We were able to find her through the pass along card activity. She had asked for a DVD.

Yes the members are starting to notice a difference, that we are really trying to work and bring people to the ward. We just need to start asking them to have more family nights that we can bring investigators to, because our lessons with members are short. Have you guys asked the missionaries if they would like to do a family night with you guys yet?

Alright, well I love you guys lots. The weather has been cooler but it is starting to get hotter already. Ah well. I'm used to it now. But I can't wait till I'm back to the snow lol. Say hi to everybody for me! :)

Elder Baldwin

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