Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
So lots of stuff happened this week. It's kinda hard to know where to start. I guess I'll start with, I got a new companion. We had emergency transfers on Tuesday morning this last week, so this whole week I have had a new companion. Another American, his name is Elder Roberts. He is from (you guessed it!) Washington lol. I thought it was hilarious that all my american companions have been from there. Apparently an Elder got sick on the mission and President got transfer happy switching a few people. He even switched out an assistant for a new assistant. Pretty crazy. Anyway... more news... We got a baptism this week! Bishop came up to us on Wednesday and said hey, there is a girl here who has been to church a lot, and she wants to be baptized this Sunday, but she hasn't been taught by the Elders yet. We said, ok. So we taught and baptized her. Her name is Lorena. We also met her parents and this week we are planning on going there and teaching them as well. They were fine with her being baptized.

So, then above that we also had a more successful week. We taught 18 lessons, and got 13 new investigators. There are a few investigators who we are planning on baptizing this wek as well. We have planned a really spiritual lesson with Marcio and Joana, and we will invite them to baptism. We will see what happens. Pray that they will feel to accept. Also, another girl was at church who has been a few times who also wants to get baptized. Her name is Bruna. We will be working with her this week as well. The Young Women in this ward are amazing! They bring all their friends to church! lol.

Lots of Brazilians want to talk to us about this hurricane and the Election. They see two Americans and want to know our opinion on everything. Its weird cuz I have no idea what they are talking about. Like this week they were like "did you guys see the hurricane in New York?" And I was like "What hurricane?" lol. They don't believe we don't watch TV as missionaries.

This family already are really great friends with a couple of families in our ward (that we have been bringing over there) and they have been to a few activities as well. I'm not sure if this ward does service projects. But we are going to ask inspired questions and try to discern what is keeping them back right now. That's our plan.

Dad, I have been reading in Mosiah lately. I read Abinadi today and payed special attention to his words, how it is that he teaches the wicked priests and uses the scriptures. I also thought it interesting how he says after reading the ten commandments that there will come a day when the law of moses will no longer be lived. There are some denominations here in Brazil who still believe and live many of the laws of moses. It's weird. But yeah. Oh and I still haven't read those scriptures you gave me last week, but I should have some time today, so I'll get on that. And I attend the Gospel Principles class with my investigators. My District Meeting I thought went pretty well. Elder Roberts said it did anyways. I went in without a training session planned and asked what they thought their problems were, and we all discussed and talked about stuff like that. Like asking questions, faith, and stuff like that. Alright Dad look at Rua Piúna 351. This is the house of the family we want to baptize this week. Ok I love you guys and hope you have a great week :) let me know who wins!! (Election)

Elder Baldwin

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