Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Today was transfer day. Elder Sousa was transferred to a place called Santa Cruz, (pretty funny, hunh?) But this Santa Cruz aparently is not as pretty as in California lol. It's pretty ugly from what he says. But I'm sure he will be fine. One of my old companions, Elder Mimary, (not sure if you guys remember him) is now my Zone Leader! I thought that was pretty cool. And he lives literally in my area, so I'll be able to chill with him a bit. He has been baptizing like crazy so he was sent here to try and help out our zone. My District Leader, Elder Ramos, was made a Zone Leader, and in his place I was called to be District Leader. I'm pretty nervous, and not sure what I will do. But here I go.

My new companion is an Elder Cerda. I think he is a Brazilian. He was trained by my current Zone Leader, Elder Richardson, and only has good things to say about him. I'll let you guys know how he is next week.

I'll answer Mom's queston first, Christmas wishes. I keep remembering things I want during the week but then forget when I sit down to write lol. But I think I will need some new pants. Two pairs have wholes in the crotch. Really cool to have when you're teaching someone, not. I'm gonna take them to a seamstress to get re-sewn maybe, so just one pair of pants I think is good. I also think I want my Danish book of Mormon, if you can find that in my room. And my cologne if you can find that too. I'll think of more stuff this week.

So this week was really dissapointing. We taught lessons and we had some huge success with our family we are trying to baptize, Joana and Márçio. We taught them and convinced them to come to church this sunday. We had it all planned out to have the Bishop take them by car to the church... when they called and cancelled. It was very sad. Thanks for the scripture dad, because I am a little depressed right now lol. But I'll keep going.

I'll look into my favorite scripture for you. But one of my favorite chapters of all time is 2 Nephi 33. Nephi's last words. I really like it, the entire chapter is marked up with notes and colors. Nephi is probably one of my favorite prophets, with Alma as a close second. and Mórmon as third. I don't know I just really really like the Book of Mormon prophets. they are all really cool. I'm just basing this on some of the doctrine they write.

I don't think i took any money out in september.... I'm really trying to save that money and use only money on the mission. My area is a small area so it's easier to save up money. yes I think I still want to be a lawyer, and eventually a Judge. but I have also considered the possibility of being a translator. I really want to learn alot of languages. but learning lots of languages will halp as a lawyer too so I dont know lol.

Alright I'll let you guys go now. I love you and pray for you. Have a good week! And stop getting trunky dad lol, it's making me trunky ;) lol jk.

Elder Baldwin

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