Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Only sadness this week. We invited Marcio and Joana to baptism, and they accepted! We were so excited. It has been 4 years since a family was baptized last in this ward. We told the entire ward, including the Bishop and the Ward council. We were visiting them this week all fine, we even marked their interview and then Friday out of the blue they said they did not want to get baptized anymore. We found out that thursday night they went to their church (Methodist) and asked the pastor about our church. Wow... I think they never really wanted to get baptized and they were looking for a reason to not be baptized. We have already taught them so much in this respect, what the other churches would say, the importance of asking and following god and not man. They have even each recieved answers for themselves, and recognized their own answers! I told them, look. This decision you made shows God that you are throwing away His council, spitting in His face, and following after the council of men. Joana said she had never thought about that, but her decision was still no. It's sad when you watch someone walk away so condemned.

Denise has been a little lighter, but has been dodging us. This week she has not been answering our calls, or has been making up excuses and saying she is busy. We hope it's not excuses, that she really doesn't have the time. But if we can't meet with her this week as well, we are probably going to have to cut her. I hope not, because she truly is an elect.

The pass along card activity went well! We had about 20 members show up and leave with us to distribute the cards. We had asked everyone before hand to bring a notebook to tell people if they want the DVD sooner they should leave their address and they would give it to the missionaries. We got 66 references! Wow, we were blown away with how much work the members did. They were so happy and excited for missionary work too after the activity. The only problem... we only have 5 DVD's! we are already sending an order for more from the secretaries office. But yeah, the next few weeks are going to be full. The Bishop liked the activity so much he has made plans to do it every month!

I don't know, it's possible that I will miss beans and rice when I come home. But it is so easy to make that I can just make it when I come home. Question, do you own a pressure cooker? It cooks beans way faster than soaking them for a day lol. That is how everyone cooks here in Brazil, with pressure cookers.

But yeah, this week was a little slower because we were so focused on getting this family baptized that we didn't focus too much on anything else. But we have plans to do better this next week.

P-Day is only from 10-6 in the day. So we get up like normal, 6:30, and study and do everything normal until 10 when we can use the computers and do our p-day things. At 6 we have to leave and work as normal until 9, return, plan, and everything is normal again. My companion now, Elder Cerda, loves to sleep on his p-day. He will sleep 3-4 hours. I don't like to sleep so often I will use it to study more or write letters or clean the house. It's not very exciting. We can only visit stuff that is in our area of work, and as our area is so small and my companion cherishes his time to sleep so much, we don't do anything more than computers, store, house. It's kinda annoying but whatever. Yes I wash my clothes on P-day but I use whatever day that I need to as well.

I don't know what would be my favorite brasilian food. They have food so similar to ours and I have already forgotten what america has and doesn't have lol. But there are some cheeses here that do not exist there and stuff like that. Also fruit. They have 5 different kinds of bananas here. But honestly.... I'm not sure what is brazilian and american anymore.

District meetings I think are a teensy bit different now Dad. We have a set program that we have to follow, that includes practices and talking about our investigators and numbers and stuff like that. My part is really only about 15 minutes, I give a training session on something in the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. There would be no way to give a cheeseburger or milkshake because we immediately leave for our areas to work.

Tell grandma thank you for the money lol. I'm already thinking about ways I can use it for good and fun. I know there were a few things I wanted to buy. Oh, and mom? Can you send me more deoderant? And maybe another bottle of eye stuff? I still have one extra and the one I am using, but just in case. I am running dangerously low on deoderant lol. Anyways thankyou.

I just finished reading Jesus the Christ and started Doctrine and Covenants for the first time. I am still reading the Book of Mormon, I'm in 2 Nephi 33.

Alright I will go attend other necessities now. I love you and wish you guys a good week in Lake Tahoe! :)

Elder Baldwin

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