Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Alright so this week I did not write you guys first I wrote Tanner and it ate up a bunch of time. Sorry! But I don't have time to write much. This week was really cool. In the first district meeting I taught everyone how to do PRP and talked about the importance of the holy ghost and recieving revelation. I think it went over well. Everybody liked it. It's a bit different being DL because you have to always be thinking about a million things, and I can't talk to my district because the cell phone of one of the duplas is broken and can't call. I need to talk to him every night but he is not doing anything to try and call me. It's frustrating.

Anyways, Ii think my favortie talk was maybe Elder Uchtdorf in priesthood session. IDk because I was going in and out and was watching in portuguese half the time so i need to read the talks again. But I remember he talked alot about the priesthood and what it is and what it means to be a bearer of the priesthood. It was good.

This week we were also able to baptize a woman. Her name is Ana Paula, and she was atught months ago by the missionaries but couldn't be baptized because she wasn't married. She called saying she had seperated from him and wanted to get baptized! It truly was a miracle and helped animate me and eLDER cERDA AND GET US EXCITED FOR THIS TRANSFER. aLRIGHT i LITERALLY DON'T HAVE TIME LEFT bUT eLDER cERDA IS FROM sÃO pAULO and I don't have time to correct that error. Dumb computer with a gigantic caps lock button.... anyways he is a hard worker and teaches really well. Practically the opposite of my last comp lol. Cuitado ele. But yeah things are going pretty good.

Have you considered sending tanner off earlier now that he can on a mission? Just a thought. Alright love you!

Elder Baldwin

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