Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad,
   Alright so today the internet sucks a bit, so this letter may seem
a bit strange. Let me start off with a few things of importance....
   So do you guys remember Elder Mimary? He was my third companion, my
first in Cabo Frio. I don't know if I told you but he is my zone
leader here and I am his District Leader. Fun stuff lol. Anyways, so
the other day we did a division and started talking a bit about after
the mission (fubecagen, I know.) and turns out he actually is planning
on coming to BYU after he serves his mission and goes back home. He is
needing a place to stay though, before BYU starts. I was already
thinking of coming home a bit early to catch the September semester of
BYU and not just poop around the house for 3 months before January. I
offered up the idea of him staying with us, just for a couple of weeks
beforre BYU starts on September, and he liked the idea. He and I both
know, however, we need your permission first before we plan anything.
What do you guys think about that? He would pay his own plane ticket
and stuff like that, he just needs a place to stay before BYU starts,
and then we would probably drive up to BYU together. We even talked
about rooming together maybe at BYU, but that's besides the point.
Would you guys be cool with that, if he stayed a couple of weeks
before going to BYU? This would depend on a few things obviously, like
his visa and stuff, but if everything plays out right would it be cool
with you guys?
   Alright, now on to my week. An Elder in my district baptized this
last week, a girl who has been coming to church for a while now. She is
actually related to the Bishop there. After the mom went to church
(1st time for her) and watched her daughters baptism, she was saying
she had the desire to be abptized as well. I thought it was cool, that
my district members are having success lol.
   For us, it was a bit slower. The family, Marcio and Joana, both
asked us to stop coming to visit them now. They said they are firm in
their own Methodist church and that's where they will stay. It's sad
but not much we can do more for them. They already know it's not God's
church and it doesn't have the priesthood, and already know the Book
of Mormon is true. Just a lack of courage to do what is right.
   Haha, no dad, I haven't broken your record yet. I'm pretty weak in
lessons, I think the most I've gotten in a week is 19 or 20. This week
only 14. Maybe I need to do PRP more lol ;)
   Wow Thanksgiving sounds like it was a blast. I actually didn't even
remember on Thursday that it was thanksgiving. I was worried about
other things. But I remembered Friday when someone said it was Black
Friday lol. It was the first time here in Brazil that a couple of
stores did a Black Friday type of thing. All the Brazilians were
talking about it.
   Yep, in just a month I'll call you guys again. I actually don't
know where I'll be. This year the transfer date fell right on
christmas, so president moved it back on week, so the transfer is on
December 18th. That means it's possible I will go to a completely new
area for christmas, and I don't know where.... lol. There are some
places on the mission where people don't have skype, so maybe I'll
have to call.... I don't want to.
   Alright dad, last week you asked me to say what I thought about
Moroni 10:17. In response, read D&C 46: 28, 30-32. That's my answer
lol. Also, I found some cool scriptures reading the book of mormon. I
really liked Alma 5: 43-44, 49. Especially 49. Also, Alma 6:6. You
guys might actually do this since I'm on the mission, but when was the
last time you fasted for the welfare of the souls of men who are not
members of the church?
   On the mission I have already talked I think 3 times and bore my
testimony a bunch of times. I think when I get back a talk in english
15 min will be alot easier lol. Compared to portuguese?
   Anyways, the Elder look really young in your guys's ward. Are they cool?
Alright I'll let you guys go. Let me know about Elder Mimary. I love
you guys! Until next week!
Elder Baldwin

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